Author: Charles F. F. Karney (

Version: 1.49

The documentation for other versions is available at for versions numbers m.nn ≥ 1.46.

Licensed under the MIT/X11 License; see LICENSE.txt.


This is a python implementation of the geodesic routines in GeographicLib.

Although it is maintained in conjunction with the larger C++ library, this python package can be used independently.


The full Geographic package can be downloaded from sourceforge. However the python implementation is available as a stand-alone package. To install this, run

pip install geographiclib

Alternatively downloaded the package directly from Python Package Index and install it with

tar xpfz geographiclib-1.49.tar.gz
cd geographiclib-1.49
python install

It’s a good idea to run the unit tests to verify that the installation worked OK by running

python -m unittest geographiclib.test.test_geodesic

GeographicLib in various languages

Change log

  • Version 1.49 (released 2017-10-05)
    • Fix code formatting; add tests.
  • Version 1.48 (released 2017-04-09)
    • Change default range for longitude and azimuth to (−180°, 180°] (instead of [−180°, 180°)).
  • Version 1.47 (released 2017-02-15)
    • Fix the packaging, incorporating the patches in version 1.46.3.
    • Improve accuracy of area calculation (fixing a flaw introduced in version 1.46)
  • Version 1.46 (released 2016-02-15)
    • Add Geodesic.DirectLine, Geodesic.ArcDirectLine, Geodesic.InverseLine, GeodesicLine.SetDistance, GeodesicLine.SetArc, GeodesicLine.s13, GeodesicLine.a13.
    • More accurate inverse solution when longitude difference is close to 180°.
    • Remove unnecessary functions, CheckPosition, CheckAzimuth, CheckDistance.

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